• Kitchen and Extraction Cleaning is the heart of our business
  • We strive to deliver the "Cleanest Job" at an affordable price
  • We are driven by passion, quality assurance and excellent customer service


Who Is GMN Cleaning

Great Minds Network (GMN) canopy kitchen extraction cleaning is the expert in the removal of grease, fat and dirt from kitchen extraction systems.

We undertake kitchen deep cleaning involving all aspects of the kitchen and equipment, through the use of special chemicals, equipment and hard work will totally transform your tired and soiled kitchen into a clean, shiny, food preparation-ready area.

We are Trusted

One of our most core values is trust. We've taken time to build strong trust relationships with our clients because of our consistency

We are Professional

We believe in delivering a professional and friendly service so that our clients remain happy and never need to look elsewhere

We are Experts

We are the best in this game. We have over 10 years experience degreasing kitchens and we haven't broken any sweat. We love what we do.

Meet Our Team

Morris GMN Extraction Cleaning Director

Director - Morris

Grease can easily ignite in both solid and liquid forms . a vast majority of kitchen fires start directly from under the canopy leading all the to the duct. Single ignite grease could bring down thewhole restraunt in 30seconds. Major insurance companies require the restraunts to clean out the canopy at least four times a year.keeping the kitchen free from grease deposit is critical to prevent dangerous kitchen fire and is required by the national fire code.The accumulation of fats that deposit in the kitchen extraction is the major cause of fire . The dirty kitchen extraction poses serious riskof breeding bacteria that is the main cause of food poisoning.

Lolla GMN Extraction Cleaning Director

Director - Lolla

Service that is always dependable! You can be sure that we will be there when you need us , on time and we will not leave a mess behind like some other companies. We work around your schedule and provide 24hrs emergency service this flexibilty removes any disruption or downtime allowing you to concentrate on using your productivly. Our experience and dedication has earned us an execellent reputation for quality, reliability and efficiency. All staff is trained to clean extraction canopy systems with the outmost proffesionalism.