• Kitchen and Extraction Cleaning is the heart of our business
  • We strive to deliver the "Cleanest Job" at an affordable price
  • We are driven by passion, quality assurance and excellent customer service


The Proffessional Process We Follow

GMN Kitchen Extraction Step 1

Site Inspection

Survey is Crucial

Before we even partake on duty our skilled team does a pre assessment of the premise elit. Forward Planning is key. This gives us an overview of the job at hand
This helps to avoid unexpected curcumstances which we may face See our team member doing an assessment. Also paying attention to health and saftey!

GMN Kitchen Extraction Step 2

Work Preparation

Getting ready

After all has been assesed and the overall work to be done is known we the prepare all the tools for job The real work has just begun.

GMN Kitchen Extraction Step 3


Work has just begun

We then remove all the dirty filters. This part involves removing all the detachables and tiny hard to reach components, as some have to attended to seperately
This is the trickiest part All the dirt and grime. This is here when all the cleaning scrubbing and removal of piled up fat and dirt is physically washed out and rinsed out!

GMN Kitchen Extraction Step 4

Cleaning to the last spot

We leave no stone unturned

All our services ensure that we pay very particular attention to detail. We go through a very rigorous process at times even a threefold scrutiny just to make it possible that the results are delivered!
As tedious it may seem this also ensures that you are guarenteed of a clean system for a longer period of time!

GMN Kitchen Extraction Step 5

Delivering Final Products

Customer Service

We always strive to give the best customer support we can. Valueing that the best outcome is achieved to meet the customer specs
The changes are so dramatic and hard to believe but very possible. We leave your system spotless and not even a spec of grime on it, true to our word, We thrive to give the customer World Class Service!

GMN Extraction Cleaning Guidelines

HVCA TR19 GUIDANCE All work carried out in accordance with fire saftey regulations and to HVCA TR19 Guidance The HVCA TR19 Best practice guidance cleaning of extraction system based on usage Sectio 7.35 frequency of cleaning Heavy Use(12-16 hrs P-D)3 Months Moderate Use(6-12 hrs P-D)6 months Light Use(2-6 hrs P-D)Once a year

Kitchen Extraction system can only be operated efficiently and hygenically through regular cleaning and ongoing maintanance.At GMN cleaning services we can assist you to ensure your kitchen extraction system is maintained to the standard stipulated by th HVCA TR19 and complies with current legislation and guideline

Our services operate to accomodate your needs . We provide 24hr service which allows to carry out the cleaning during times that suit you. Our friendly in-house call centre will arrange for us to visit your premises and are there to support you throughout the process .Our maintanace team will arrive at your premises with company identification cards and fully uniformed . A team member will inspect through your system,evaluate any excess issues and provide an accurate time scale for completing the work.Prior to commencing the clean, we will take digital photographs of your system.Photos will be kept hwen we complete the cleaning process

FREQUENCY OF CLEANING: As stipulated on the recommendation guideline picture, the need for specialist cleaning of extraction system will depend on the level of usage of the cooking equipment,type and quantity of cooking and other risk factors such as vulnerability of the system to igniton and of the building and of its occupant /users to system fire, hygiene and mechanical hazards.Typical cleaning intervals are shown in the table